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Erethia do Tamaerthon

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What is ERITREA? 🇪🇷(ITALY in Africa?)

Son las siguiente: frutos. Etiquetas: ehretia de hoja grande. Fruto por: A. Flor por: Denis. Vista general por: Denis.

Vista superior por: Denis. Primavera: 21 Mar. Verano: 22 Jun. Invierno: 19 Dic. Primavera: 23 Sep. Verano: 19 Dic. Invierno: 22 Jun. Its relations with Djibouti and Yemen are tense due to territorial disputes over the Doumeira Islands and Hanish Islands , respectively.

On 28 May , the United States removed Eritrea from the "Counterterror Non-Cooperation List" which also includes: Iran , North Korea , Syria and Venezuela.

The undemarcated border with Ethiopia is the primary external issue currently facing Eritrea. Eritrea's relations with Ethiopia turned from that of cautious mutual tolerance, following the year war for Eritrean independence, to a deadly rivalry that led to the outbreak of hostilities from May to June which claimed approximately 70, lives from both sides.

Disagreements following the war have resulted in stalemate punctuated by periods of elevated tension and renewed threats of war.

The situation has been further escalated by the continued efforts of the Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders in supporting opposition in one another's countries.

Eritrea denied the claims. A peace treaty between both nations was signed on 8 July Eritrea is divided into six administrative regions.

These areas are further divided into 58 districts. The regions of Eritrea are the primary geographical divisions through which the country is administered.

At the time of independence in , Eritrea was arranged into ten provinces. These provinces were similar to the nine provinces operating during the colonial period.

In , these were consolidated into six regions zobas. The boundaries of these new regions are based on catchment basins. Transport in Eritrea includes highways, airports, railway, and seaports in addition to various forms of public and private vehicular, maritime and aerial transportation.

The Eritrean highway system is named according to the road classification. The three levels of classification are: primary P , secondary S , and tertiary T.

The lowest level road is tertiary and serves local interests. Typically they are improved earth roads which are occasionally paved. During the wet seasons these roads typically become impassable.

The next higher level road is a secondary road and typically is a single-layered asphalt road that connects district capitals together and those to the regional capitals.

Roads that are considered primary roads are those that are fully asphalted throughout their entire length and in general they carry traffic between all the major cities and towns in Eritrea.

The Eritrean Railway was built between and As of , the section from Massawa to Asmara was fully rebuilt and available for service. Rehabilitation of the remainder and of the rolling stock has occurred in recent years.

Current service is very limited due to the extreme age of most of the railway equipment and its limited availability.

Further rebuilding is planned. The railway linking Agordat and Asmara with the port of Massawa; had been inoperative since except for about a 5 kilometre stretch that was reopened in Massawa in A railway formerly ran from Massawa to Bishia via Asmara, and is under re-construction.

Even during the war, Eritrea developed its transportation infrastructure by asphalting new roads, improving its ports, and repairing war-damaged roads and bridges as a part of the Wefri Warsay Yika'alo program.

The rail line has been restored between the port of Massawa and the capital Asmara, although services are sporadic. Steam locomotives are sometimes used for groups of enthusiasts.

The real GDP est. The GDP PPP est. The Eritrean economy has undergone extreme changes due to the War of Independence. In , Eritrea's GDP grew by 8.

The Eritrean—Ethiopian War severely hurt Eritrea's economy. Eritrea's population increased from 3. There are nine recognized ethnic groups according to the government of Eritrea.

A majority of the remaining ethnic groups belong to Afroasiatic -speaking communities of the Cushitic branch, such as the Saho , Hedareb , Afar and Bilen.

There are also a number of Nilotic ethnic groups, who are represented in Eritrea by the Kunama and Nara. Each ethnicity speaks a different native tongue but, typically, many of the minorities speak more than one language.

The Rashaida first came to Eritrea in the 19th century from the Hejaz region. In addition, there exist Italian Eritrean concentrated in Asmara and Ethiopian Tigrayan communities.

Neither is generally given citizenship unless through marriage or, more rarely, by having it conferred upon them by the State. Eritrea had about , inhabitants, including 70, Italians, in It is estimated up to , Eritreans are of Italian descent.

Eritrea is a multilingual country. The nation has no official language, as the Constitution establishes the "equality of all Eritrean languages".

Tigrinya, Arabic , and English serve as de facto working languages, with English used in university education and many technical fields.

While Italian , the former colonial language, holds no government recognized status in Eritrea, it is spoken by a few monolinguals and Asmara has Scuola Italiana di Asmara , a long running Italian government-operated school.

With 2,, total speakers of a population of 5,, in , it is the most widely spoken language, particularly in the southern and central parts of Eritrea.

Most of the languages spoken in Eritrea belong to the Ethiopian Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic family. In addition, Nilo-Saharan languages Kunama and Nara are spoken as a native language by the Nilotic Kunama and Nara ethnic groups that live in the western and northwestern part of the country.

Smaller groups also speak other Afroasiatic languages, such as the newly recognized Dahlik and Arabic the Hejazi and Hadhrami dialects spoken by the Rashaida and Hadhrami, respectively.

According to the Pew Research Center , as of [update] , Since May , the government of Eritrea has officially recognized the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church Oriental Orthodox , Sunni Islam , the Eritrean Catholic Church a Metropolitanate sui juris , and the Evangelical Lutheran church.

All other faiths and denominations are required to undergo a registration process. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in the capital Asmara.

The Eritrean government is against what it deems as "reformed" or "radical" versions of its established religions. Three named Jehovah's Witnesses are known to have been imprisoned since along with 51 others.

In its religious freedom report, the U. State Department named Eritrea a Country of Particular Concern CPC. On 8 July , the entire capital city of Asmara was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site , with the inscription taking place during the 41st World Heritage Committee Session.

The city has thousands of Art Deco , futurist , modernist , and rationalist buildings, constructed during the period of Italian Eritrea.

The city also became a place "to experiment with radical new designs", mainly futuristic and art deco inspired. The city shows off most early 20th-century architectural styles.

Some buildings are neo-Romanesque , such as the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Art Deco influences are found throughout the city.

Essences of Cubism can be found on the Africa Pension Building, and on a small collection of buildings. The Fiat Tagliero Building shows almost the height of futurism, just as it was coming into big fashion in Italy.

In recent times, some buildings have been functionally built which sometimes can spoil the atmosphere of some cities, but they fit into Asmara as it is such a modern city.

Many buildings such as opera houses, hotels, and cinemas where built during this period. It is an exceptional example of early modernist urbanism at the beginning of the 20th century and its application in an African context.

Teatro d'Opera , the opera house of Asmara. The Fiat Tagliero Building. The Eritrean national museum in Asmara. Eritrea is a one-party state in which national legislative elections have been repeatedly postponed.

Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Eritrea. A prominent group of fifteen Eritreans, called the G, including three cabinet members, were arrested in September after publishing an open letter to the government and President Isaias Afewerki calling for democratic dialogue.

This group and thousands of others who were alleged to be affiliated with them are imprisoned without legal charges, hearing, trial and judgment.

Since Eritrea's conflict with Ethiopia in —, the nation's human rights record has been criticized at the United Nations.

Freedom of speech , press , assembly , and association are limited. Those who practice "unregistered" religions, try to flee the nation, or escape military duty are arrested and put into prison.

In June , a page United Nations Human Rights Council report accused Eritrea's government of extrajudicial executions, torture, indefinitely prolonged national service 6.

All Eritreans aged between 18 and 40 years must complete a mandatory national service, which includes military service.

This requirement was implemented after Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia, as a means to protect Eritrea's sovereignty , to instill national pride, and to create a disciplined populace.

In an attempt at reform, Eritrean government officials and NGO representatives in participated in many public meetings and dialogues.

In these sessions they answered questions as fundamental as, "What are human rights? They cite health concerns and individual freedom as being of primary concern when they say this.

Furthermore, they implore rural peoples to cast away this ancient cultural practice. The group consists of ordinary citizens and some people close to the government.

In July , UN ambassadors of 37 countries, including Eritrea, have signed a joint letter to the UNHRC defending China's treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups in the Xinjiang region.

In its Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders ranked the media environment in Eritrea at the bottom of a list of countries.

Not a single [foreign correspondent] now lives in Asmara. Eritrea has achieved significant improvements in health care and is one of the few countries to be on target to meet its Millennium Development Goals MDG for health, in particular child health.

The World Health Organisation WHO in found average life expectancy to be slightly less than 63 years, a number that has increased to However, Eritrea still faces many challenges.

Although the number of physicians increased from only 0. There are five levels of education in Eritrea: pre-primary , primary , middle , secondary , and post-secondary.

There are nearly 1,, students in the primary, middle, and secondary levels of education. Education in Eritrea is officially compulsory for children aged 6 to 13 years.

Student-teacher ratios are high: at the elementary level and at the secondary level. Class sizes average 63 and 97 students per classroom at the elementary and secondary school levels, respectively.

Learning hours at school are often less than six hours per day. Barriers to education in Eritrea include traditional taboos , school fees for registration and materials , and the opportunity costs of low-income households.

The Eritrea Institute of Technology "EIT" is a technological institute located near the town Himbrti, Mai Nefhi outside Asmara. The institute has three colleges: Science , Engineering and Technology , and Education.

The institute began with about 5, students during the academic year. The EIT was opened after the University of Asmara was reorganized.

According to the Ministry of Education, the institution was established, as one of many efforts to achieve equal distribution of higher learning in areas outside the capital city, Asmara.

Accordingly, several similar colleges are also established in different other parts of the country. The Eritrea Institute of Technology is the main local institute of higher studies in science, engineering and education.

The University of Asmara is the oldest University in the country and was opened in One of the most recognizable parts of Eritrean culture is the coffee ceremony.

During the coffee ceremony, there are traditions that are upheld. The coffee is served in three rounds: the first brew or round is called awel in Tigrinya meaning "first" , the second round is called kalaay meaning "second" , and the third round is called bereka meaning "to be blessed".

Traditional Eritrean attire is quite varied among the ethnic groups of Eritrea. In the larger cities, most people dress in Western casual dress such as jeans and shirts.

In offices, both men and women often dress in suits. A common traditional clothing for Christian Tigrinya highlanders consists of bright white gowns called zurias for the women, and a white shirt accompanied by white pants for the men.

In Muslim communities in the Eritrean lowland, the women traditionally dress in brightly colored clothes. Besides convergent culinary tastes, Eritreans share an appreciation for similar music and lyrics, jewelry and fragrances, and tapestry and fabrics as many other populations in the region.

A typical traditional Eritrean dish consists of injera accompanied by a spicy stew, which frequently includes beef, chicken, lamb or fish.

They likewise tend to employ less seasoned butter and spices and more tomatoes , as in the tsebhi dorho delicacy. Additionally, owing to its colonial history, cuisine in Eritrea features more Italian influences than are present in Ethiopian cooking, including more pasta and greater use of curry powders and cumin.

The Italian Eritrean cuisine started to be practiced during the colonial times of the Kingdom of Italy , when a large number of Italians moved to Eritrea.

They brought the use of pasta to Italian Eritrea , and it is one of the main food eaten in present-day Asmara. An Italian Eritrean cuisine emerged, and common dishes are 'Pasta al Sugo e Berbere', which means "Pasta with tomato sauce and berbere" spice , but there are many more like lasagna and "cotoletta alla milanese" milano cutlet.

In addition to coffee, local alcoholic beverages are enjoyed. These include sowa , a bitter drink made from fermented barley, and mies , a fermented honey wine.

Eritrea's ethnic groups each have their own styles of music and accompanying dances. Amongst the Tigrinya, the best known traditional musical genre is the guaila.

A popular Eritrean artist is the Tigrinya singer Helen Meles , who is noted for her powerful voice and wide singing range.

Football and cycling are the most popular sports in Eritrea. Cycling has a long tradition in Eritrea and was first introduced during the colonial period.

The Tour of Eritrea , a multi-stage cycling event, is held annually since throughout the country.

The national cycling teams of both men and women are ranked first on the African continent, and Eritrea is ranked among the best cycling nations in the world.

The Eritrea national cycling team has experienced a lot of success, winning the African continental cycling championship several years in a row. In , the women's team won the gold medal in the African Continental Cycling Championships for the first time, and for the second time in and third time in The men's team have won gold 7 times in the last 9 years in the African continental cycling championships, between and More than six Eritrean riders have signed professional contracts to international cycling teams, including Natnael Berhane and Daniel Teklehaimanot.

Teklehaimanot and fellow Eritrean Merhawi Kudus became the first black cyclists from Africa to compete in the Tour de France , when they were selected by the MTN—Qhubeka team for the edition of the race.

Eritrean athletes have also seen increasing success in the international arena in other sports. Zersenay Tadese , an Eritrean athlete, formerly held the world record in the half marathon.

Eritrea's team was represented by their flagbearer Shannon-Ogbnai Abeda who competed as alpine skier.

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Not to be confused with Eretria. Country in Eastern Africa. This article needs to be updated. The reason given is: Five- to ten-year-old data in several sections needs attention..

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

November Show globe. Show map of Africa. Tigrinya Beja Tigre Kunama Saho Bilen Nara Afar. Tigrinya English Arabic [2].

Italian [3] [4]. Main article: History of Eritrea. Neolithic rock art in a Qohaito canyon cave. Pre-Axumite monolithic columns in Qohaito.

Main article: Kingdom of Aksum. Main articles: Medri Bahri , Habesh Eyalet , and Sultanate of Aussa. Main article: Italian Eritrea. Main article: Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Main articles: Eritrean War of Independence and Flag of Eritrea. Main article: Geography of Eritrea. Main article: Wildlife of Eritrea. See also: List of mammals in Eritrea and List of birds of Eritrea.

Main article: Politics of Eritrea. Main article: Elections in Eritrea. Main article: Foreign relations of Eritrea.

See also: Eritrea—Ethiopia relations and Eritrean—Ethiopian War. Further information: Eritrean War of Independence and Eritrean independence referendum, Main articles: Regions of Eritrea and Districts of Eritrea.

Largest cities or towns in Eritrea Geonames. Main article: Transport in Eritrea. Main article: Economy of Eritrea. Main article: Demographics of Eritrea.

Main article: Languages of Eritrea. Main article: Religion in Eritrea. Religion Percent Christianity. The 15th century Sheikh Hanafi Mosque in Massawa.

Some buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for Asmara:. Villa Roma, Italian embassy.

Hotel Albergo Italia, built The hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Asmara. Main article: Human rights in Eritrea. Main article: Health in Eritrea.

Main article: Education in Eritrea. Main article: Culture of Eritrea. See also: Eritrean cuisine. Main article: Music of Eritrea.

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Erethia At the centre of the east forecourt was a portal facing the entrance of the sanctuary. Flamininus came away with a large collection of art works as his share of the booty. Previous Next. Besides major infrastructural projects, the colonial authorities invested significantly in the agricultural Silversands Mobile Casino.
Erethia In addition to coffee, local alcoholic beverages are enjoyed. Main article: Foreign relations of Eritrea. Current service is very limited due to the extreme age of most of the railway equipment and its limited availability. The National Norgesspill Casino Proclamation of does not recognize the right to conscientious objection to military service. Гјberweisung Auf Paypal Konto Dauer Eritrea's conflict with Ethiopia in —, the nation's human rights record has been criticized at the United Nations. The Eritrea national cycling team has experienced a Ice Totally Gaming 2021 of success, winning the African continental cycling Wett Prognose several years in a row. The community electorate in the local jurisdiction of the Community Court chooses the Court's judges. Views Read Edit View history. Krankenwagen Simulator the east of the highlands are Wett Prognose hot, arid coastal plains stretching down to the southeast of the country. It is estimated up toEritreans are Van Gerwen VermГ¶gen Italian descent. In offices, both men and women Concord Casino Bregenz dress in Wett Prognose. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Kartenspiel FranzГ¶sisches Blatt 15 August Other local wildlife include bushbuckduikersgreater kuduKlipspringerAfrican leopardsoryx and crocodiles. Essences of Cubism can be found on the Africa Pension Building, and Rtlspiel a small collection of buildings.

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Erethia Erethia. Medizin und Gesundheit in Mbeya, North-Western, Zambia. Community​Alle ansehen. Highlights info row image. 1 Person gefällt das. Highlights info row​. Erethia. Gefällt 1 Mal. Medizin und Gesundheit. Seite erstellen. Gefällt mir. Teilen. Mehr. Nachricht senden. Mehr von Erethia auf Facebook anzeigen. Erethia ist ein Vorname unbekannter Herkunft. EGamersWorld☕ - ✋Informationen zur Mannschaft von Erethia ➦ Dota 2 Disziplin ➦ Aktueller Kader und Spielplan ➦ Statistiken und Spielergebnisse. Erathia was a kingdom on the continent of Antagarich on Enroth. Ruled by the Gryphonheart dynasty, it was inhabited mostly by humans. Its capital city was Steadwick. It was the largest state on Antagarich. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Erethia is Sunday, May 10th, How unique is the name Erethia? From to less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Erethia. MS Name HP Speed Attack Defense Energy Resistance Total Explorer: 32 5 5 Irasper: 35 95 35 73 Golsper: 50 Erethia. Chapter 2: aLIEz Chapter Text. The quiet, yet ferocious hum of Makoto's car was the only sound between him and his unwanted passenger. He shifted into the. The new code thing was made by XxYegoDxX, sorry for anything, you can now see all the codes with all of his info. (there are some codes i never used, so i just typed??/??/ or things like that.) Code:HolidaySeason, Start Date:5/12/, Status:Valid, Reward Credits. Esta página se editó por última vez el 7 mar a las El texto está disponible bajo la Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual ; pueden aplicarse cláusulas amorephonics.com usar este sitio, usted acepta nuestros términos de uso y nuestra política de privacidad. Wikipedia® es una marca registrada de la Fundación Wikimedia, Inc., una organización sin ánimo de Clase: Magnoliopsida. - Nombre científico o latino: Ehretia buxifolia - Sinónimo: Carmona microphylla - Nombre común o vulgar: Carmona, Té de Fukien - Familia: Boraginaceae (Boragináceas). - Origen. Ehretia dicksonii es el nombre botánico de esta especie perteneciente a la familia Boraginaceae y es conocida de forma común como: ehretia de hoja grande. Sus sinonimias son las siguientes: Ehretia dicksonii var. japonica, Ehretia dicksonii var. liukiuensis, Ehretia dicksonii var. tomentosa, Ehretia dicksonii var. velutina y Ehretia macrophylla var. tomentosa.


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