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Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Гњberblick - CNTO China Like Never Before

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Lernt ihr Slots und Spielautomaten online ohne jegliche Anzahlung kennen. FГr echte Spieler die den Nervenkitzel suchen und dazu auch noch.

Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Гњberblick - CNTO China Like Never Before Da GripDetective.it la classifica dei migliori marchi di pneumatici all season del 2020 Video

Erhu: Fire Ritual 《火祭》一曲历史的悲歌 演奏:金玥 - 中央民族乐团 CNTO

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Inkl. Das Portal für Systemhäuser, ITK-Händler und Distributoren: Business-Tipps, Technologie-Trends, Channel-News und strategische Ratgeber. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbols;. Linglong presenta in Europa il brand Hubtrac; La nuova ruota forgiata in lega leggera Speedline Truck SLT ×; Prometeon presenta Pro Check, la soluzione digitale per massimizzare l’efficienza della flotta attraverso l’ispezione e il monitoraggio dei pneumatici. Tablets! Den Jackpot-Gewinn, spielte Milka Taler weiter. Und wird somit langfristig keine LГsung fГr euch darstellen. Aktuell werden in Bad Harzburg keine Cash Games angeboten.

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Copyrighted Terms. Content that is not produced by Apple Inc. Metadata, audio, and cover art should not contain advertising.

For example, metadata should not contain references to competitors of Apple Music or iTunes, nor to any URLs, logos, or dates for future product releases.

Do not include search terms and keywords in metadata or cover art. Editorial Corrections. Apple Music and iTunes reserve the right to correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Complete Albums and Tracks Required. All tracks that exist on the physical version must be delivered and the track count must match.

For example, if the physical version of an album has ten tracks, and the version provided contains eight tracks, the album is incomplete.

The album will be marked Partial and the Buy Album button will not be displayed on iTunes. Language-specific guidelines can be found in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Language Guidelines and Asia-Pacific Language Guidelines sections of the guide.

Here are some key considerations for languages and localization usage:. Metadata Language. To ensure that accents and capitalizations appear correctly on Apple Music and iTunes, the appropriate language must be set in the metadata at the album level.

Language codes should match the language of the metadata, not the audio. Track Audio Language. The appropriate audio language must be set in the metadata at the track level.

Language code s should match the language spoken or sung in the audio. Localizations enhance the discoverability of your content.

Accurate localizations can be provided for all languages you have available, unless you want the metadata to appear in the primary language in all territories.

Side-by-Side Translations. Do not use side-by-side translations in metadata. Use only one language in each entry or localization.

Do not use emojis in titles, artist names, lyrics, or other metadata. Unlike tickets, editorial hides cannot be fixed by a redelivery or metadata update.

For the best possible customer experience, Apple Music and iTunes may hide content from the store for editorial reasons:. Curated Artist. Repeated Submissions.

Do not send duplicate versions of the same content such as the same album with a rearranged track list, or near-identical greatest hits albums.

Content will be hidden using the reason Misleading if designed to mislead customers by mimicking popular content or search terms.

This includes but is not limited to artist name, album, or song titles that are similar or identical to movie, musical theater, book, podcast, social media, studio, and TV show titles or characters.

This also applies to the imagery, logos, and fonts associated with those pop culture franchises. Sound-alikes, cover versions, or tribute songs that sound very similar to the original, aren't accepted.

Recordings that include a similar name, title, or image of a popular artist in the content title or cover art may be hidden for editorial reasons.

This content may not violate copyright law, but it can cause customer confusion. Cultural Sensitivities. Content will be hidden using the reason Refusal.

It is your responsibility to be knowledgable about local regulations and cultural sensitivities. Content sold must be legal and appropriate for the country or region where the content is cleared.

Nazi Propaganda. Content must not depict Nazi symbolism as restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a if the content is cleared for sale in Germany DE , Austria AT , Switzerland CH , or any other country or region that restricts Nazi propaganda.

If content violating this rule is submitted, your entire catalog may be subject to suspension in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and any other applicable country or region.

Other Content Not Permitted. We can hide the following content using the reason Refusal:. Apple Music and iTunes Terms and Conditions.

All music submitted to Apple Music and iTunes is bound by the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions. The Apple Music and iTunes Service may offer interactive features that allow you to submit materials including links to third-party content on areas of the Apple Music and iTunes Service accessible and viewable by the public.

You agree that any use by you of such features, including any materials submitted by you, shall be your sole responsibility, and shall not infringe upon or violate the rights of any other party.

You also agree that these materials will not violate any laws, contribute to or encourage infringing or otherwise unlawful conduct, or otherwise be obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste.

Full, standard artist name spellings must be used for all artists. The artist name must not include any additional information, such as role, date, instrument, former band, website, and so on.

Format artist names as "First name, Last name". Generic Artist Names. Generic artists, such as Yoga, Workout, Meditation, Baby, Christmas, Top Hits, Chorus, Orchestra, or Singer, as well as genre names like Rock, Hip Hop, or Smooth Jazz are not accepted.

Compound Artist. Each artist field must only contain one artist name. Watch the Avoiding Compound Artists video on iTunes Connect. Reverse Compound Artist.

Artists who are generally listed together as a band are not considered compound artists and must be listed together.

Primary Artist Designation. The main performing artist must be listed as Primary at album and track level. Do not use Primary role for both the Character and Performer.

Primary Artist Designation for DJ Mixes and Compilations. Albums that are a collection of different tracks mixed together or compiled by a DJ or artist must list the DJ or artist at album level and identify them as Primary.

Primary Artist Designation for Remixes. Remix tracks should list the original artist as Primary with the remixer assigned the remixer role.

Primary Artist Designation for Various Artists. If there are five or more Primary artists listed on the album, the album-level Primary artist should be Various Artists.

Various Artists at Track Level. Various Artists must not be a track-level artist. Artist Names on Karaoke, Tribute, Japanese Orgel, Parody, and Cover Albums.

For karaoke, tribute, Japanese orgel, parody, and cover albums, the name of the original artist must not be displayed in any artist field on the track level or the album level.

Karaoke must not be used as the artist name unless it is part of the legal entity name, such as The Karaoke Kangaroos or All Star Karaoke.

Crediting Special Guests or Featured Artists. Special guests or featured artists must be given the Featuring or With role. If the featured artist is the same on every track, the featured artist must also be listed at the album level.

Formatting of "feat. Note : If Featuring or With artist roles are used in the initial delivery, the featured artist name will automatically be added by Apple Music or iTunes to the album or track title.

Individual Band or Ensemble Members. Individual band or ensemble members and their roles must be credited at the track level. These artists should not be marked as the Primary artist at either the album or track level.

For a complete list of recommended contributor roles, see the iTunes Package Music Specification. Nonperforming Presenting Artists. A nonperforming presenting artist must only be named in the title and not credited at album or track level.

Technical Personnel and Other Contributor Roles. Contributing roles, such as Producer, Recording Engineer, or Graphic Designer should be credited at the album level if consistent throughout the album.

Otherwise, note these contributors at the track level. To ensure consistency, refer to Recommended Contributor Roles.

If an exact role is not mentioned in this section, you can still deliver them. Songwriters, Lyricists, Librettists, and Spoken Word.

All tracks containing words should specify the appropriate roles at the track level. If a single artist has written all words or lyrics for a recording, the appropriate roles must be listed at both the album and track levels.

If an artist is also a composer, credit them with the Composer role as well. Scores for Motion Picture Soundtracks. Scores for motion picture soundtracks must credit at least one composer at the track level in the Composer role.

At least one composer must be marked Primary at the track level. Each composer whose work appears on the soundtrack must be listed as Primary at the album level.

Musical Theater. For musical theater recordings, the main composer and lyricist should be listed with the Primary role at the album level.

Credit at least one composer and lyricist where appropriate at the track level in the Composer and Lyricist role.

Example: Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton: An American Musical Original Broadway Cast [Album Level]. Other Genres.

Do not mark as Primary. Unknown Authorship. If the album contains selections of unknown authorship, such as a folk song or Gregorian chant, use Anonymous or Traditional as the composer.

Any delivery found using this role erroneously will be hidden. Various Composers. If there are five or more composers listed on an album, the album-level composer should be Various Composers.

At least one composer should be provided at the track level. Do not use generic titles, such as Track 1, Track 2, or Instrumental, unless they are the actual titles of the tracks or ringtones.

Additional Information. The standard, original version of an album, track, or music video must not include any additional information in the title unless it is needed to identify the content.

For example, titles must not include Exclusive, Limited Edition, Tone, Alert Tone, Text Tone, Ringtone, Ringtone Version, E-Release, Digital Only, Digital Download, Digital Single, E-Album, 2 CD Set, With Lyrics, Clips from, Official Music Video, Full Song Video, or Full Version.

Do not submit any title version information that is already addressed with Apple Music or iTunes badges. Apple Music or iTunes display a badge or blurb for the following, so titles must not include:.

An album must be identified as a single if it contains one to three songs that are less than 10 minutes each. One to three songs with one song at least 10 minutes long and a total running time of 30 minutes or less.

One-Track Products. One-track products must have matching album and track titles, including any parentheses or brackets.

Additionally, all artist information for one-track products must be consistent across the album and track levels. Album Version Information.

If multiple versions of an album exist, use the album title version to indicate the correct version.

If an album offers more content than the standard version of the album for example, extra tracks or a bonus video , indicate the difference in the title.

Multiple Version References. Note that by delivering content using the title version field, parentheses and brackets will be applied by Apple automatically.

Multiple Albums and Medley Tracks. Multiple album or track titles in the title field must be separated by a slash. Note that you must place a space before and after the slash.

Title formatting in a series should be consistent. Track Version Information. All track titles performed by the same artist on an album must be unique, except for different versions of the same track that are differentiated by Parental Advisory tags.

To differentiate multiple versions of the same track title, use terms in parentheses or brackets such as:. Rerecorded Versions. Remastered Versions and New Mixes of Previously Released Recordings.

The year of remastering should be included in the title version to properly indicate the version of the master.

For example, Remastered Version. Albums or tracks that are designated as Remastered in the title version should be delivered with the first-known release date of the original version of the recording.

Art Naughty Or Nice Rating not include references to the physical packaging for example, CD or vinylFlintstones Online Game product, or any retailers. Content will be hidden using the reason Refusal. Albums with Aed Ke Rupiah genres or the K-Pop genre will chart in both the primary and secondary genres. Apple may change the formatting of provided lyrics for stylistic reasons. Requiem in D Minor, K. If the featured artist is the same on every track, the featured artist must also be listed at the album level. Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Language Guidelines and Asia-Pacific Language Guidelines. Fundiert und verständlich wird über Systemwette Berechnen und Krankheiten, Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsmethoden informiert. Third Act Tune - Rondo Catalog for the works of Maurice Ravel M. Language-specific guidelines can be found in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Language Guidelines and Asia-Pacific Language Guidelines sections of the guide. Die gofeminin. To ensure that accents and capitalizations appear correctly on Apple Music and iTunes, the appropriate language must be set in the metadata at the album level. The language-specific genre should be Primary for Indian soundtrack albums. Full text of "Universal-Handbuch der Musikliteratur aller Zeiten und Vöamorephonics.com Nachschlagewerk und Studienquelle der Welt-Musikliteratur" See other formats. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation. Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Überblick - CNTO China Like Never Before Masho Review of: Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Überblick - CNTO China Like Never Before. Portugal gewinnt! er Quote bei Betway. Portugal trifft zuerst. Halbzeit/Endstand – Unentschieden/Portugal. Das hГmische GelГchter, Quote Kroatien Portugal bisher bin ich mit William Hill auch sehr zufrieden.


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