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Chai Jin Jade Empire

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Chai Jin Jade Empire

Romanen erreicht Jin Yong alle Schichten der Bevölkerung – das wuxia-. Genre erfreut kostbare Jade, doch in Wirklichkeit ist es einfach nur ein glatter, weißer Fels.“ der Familie Chai, den Herrschern der Späteren Zhou, übernommen. parents are): Xiao Feng realizes that he is a Khitan from the enemy empire of. Das Schreinerhandbuch „Leitfaden des Lu Ban" (Lu Ban jing S Ufe) eines lECflÄff MAS die Geländer aus Jade und Stein haben Heilige hinterlassen ifélEiííÈÍ ILitíi Chai Wangyes60 Schubkarren preßte eine Rinne in den Boden. Literature, Social Life, Arts, and History of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants. 2. brown jadite #jadite #jade Chinesische Kultur, Jade, China, Braun, Beautiful Antique gold cicada on Chinese jade leaf. Ming: The Golden Empire Heavenly Gods for protection and the Chinese characters "Zhao Chai Jin Bao" meaning.

Kapitel 2: Komplettlösung Jade Empire

Zhao Cai Jin Bao ist ein Spielautomat mit 9 Linien und 5 Walzen, dessen Ziel ist der Kombinierung der gleichen Symbole auf einer der Gewinnlinien. Je besser. Romanen erreicht Jin Yong alle Schichten der Bevölkerung – das wuxia-. Genre erfreut kostbare Jade, doch in Wirklichkeit ist es einfach nur ein glatter, weißer Fels.“ der Familie Chai, den Herrschern der Späteren Zhou, übernommen. parents are): Xiao Feng realizes that he is a Khitan from the enemy empire of. RHS 14 "Chinesische Bronzevergoldung FengShui Wealth Auspicious Zhao Cai Jin Bao Wort Statue. Leider, ist dieser Artikel nicht mehr verfügbar!

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Ya Zhen - Let's Play Jade Empire: Special Edition - 42

Dann wird Chai von der Familie seines Onkels nach Gaotangzhou Pflicht Fragen, als Yin Tianxi, ein Verwandter des örtlichen Präfekten Gao Lian, ihre Villa beschlagnahmen will. Wütend tötet Li Kui Li Gui, aber die Frau entkommt. Zhang kommt und kämpft gegen ihn. Alle Kategorien. Jade Empire Komplettlösung: Kapitel 2, Tiens Anleger. Jetzt reden wir mit Chai jin der Koch ist und mit euch eine Wette machen will, gibt ihm. Er bleibt in der Residenz des Adligen Chai Jin. In dem Videospiel Jade Empire von Bioware tritt eine Figur, die Li Kui ähnelt und auch den. Zhao Cai Jin Bao ist ein Spielautomat mit 9 Linien und 5 Walzen, dessen Ziel ist der Kombinierung der gleichen Symbole auf einer der Gewinnlinien. Je besser. Das Schreinerhandbuch „Leitfaden des Lu Ban" (Lu Ban jing S Ufe) eines lECflÄff MAS die Geländer aus Jade und Stein haben Heilige hinterlassen ifélEiííÈÍ ILitíi Chai Wangyes60 Schubkarren preßte eine Rinne in den Boden. Literature, Social Life, Arts, and History of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants. 2. Even in two-on-one fights, though, your followers are little Horse Farm Spiel Tipps than distractions, but useful if only for that. The Player can also get all of your silver back. Spirit Thief is a pretty useful style, and one you'll probably be using for most of the rest of the game.
Chai Jin Jade Empire Jade Empire puts you in the shoes of a humble student of martial arts in a small academy on the fringes of the massive area ruled over by Emperor Sun Hai. When disaster and strife falls upon your. Jade Empire # 31 CHAI JIN'S SIZEABLE GIRTH! Grampa Oglethorpe meets a farmer who's having a problem with one of his employees, Zhong the Ox Carrier & must. Chai Jin was a chef from Shangdang county (equivalent of Turkey) and set up shop in the Teahouse 's upper level in Tien's Landing. He was renown for serving exotic foods and enjoyed eating his own creations. Chai Jin spoke Tho Fan. The people of Jade Empire.. To add an article to this category, please put [[Category:People]] at the end of that article. 1) Drop the amorephonics.com in your Jade Empire folder 2) Drop everything else in your override folder 3) If you want to use the DIY pack alongside one of the other packs, install the God of Hyperdeath/Minor Deity pack first, pick up everything in the amulet room, then drop the ar_spiritcave.2da from the DIY pack in your override folder and overwrite.

Wie ich Bubbl im Abschnitt der seriГsen Flamingo Drive Online Casinos Chai Jin Jade Empire habe, siedelt sie qualitativ auf einer niederen Stufe! - Tiens Anleger

Wenn wir den Kampf gewonnen haben Secreto Iberico wir den Weg geradeaus weiter.

Chai Jin is placed in charge of Liangshan's accounts with Li Ying after the Stars of Destiny came together in what is called the "Grand Assembly".

He participates in the campaigns against the Liao invaders and rebel forces in Song territory following amnesty from Emperor Huizong for Liangshan.

He even marries his daughter to him. When Fang fights his last-ditch battle with Liangshan, Chai Jin suddenly sets upon his force. Chai's wife hangs herself.

Chai Jin is one of the Liangshan heroes who survive all the campaigns. After serving in the imperial court for a while, he resigns, certain that sooner or later he would be punished for having been Fang La's son-in-law.

He returns to Cangzhou and lives in comfort for the rest of his life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chai Jin Water Margin character An illustration of Chai Jin by Chen Hongshou.

In this Chinese name , the family name is Chai. I must go in search of new ingredients, for it seems you have eaten everything I have.

Good fortune to you. Wow, that did some damage all right. Our spirit took by far the smallest hit. Quite worthwhile in the end, although we could also have had Chai Jin eat that last dish and then looted the gem and our money off his corpse.

Over in this corner, we have an old man staring at the wall. He's a named NPC, so he probably has something for us.

Hey, that's not very kindly at all. Sorry doesn't count for much. Sorry can't erase our mistakes. Sorry can't change the past.

Who are you? I'm nobody important And I have nothing to say to you. What are you talking about? It's not important.

Not anymore. Well, that was not what I expected from someone named Kindly Yushan. There's clearly a story behind all this, but right now we don't get anything more out of him.

That is everyone on the second floor, let's head back downstairs and talk to the rest of the folks. Mother Kwan seems like a nice old lady.

Yes, yes. I owned the teahouse for many, many years. At least, I thought I did. But then Master Dutong came to town with that Imperial Writ.

Oh my. We, of course, met Master Dutong when he handed us our reward for convincing Zhong to leave. He was nice enough to let me stay on here as a helper.

I steep the tea, Yanwan takes the orders, and Master Dutong That sounds a bit odd. It's totally possible that Dutong's writ was legit, but that guy seemed a bit dodgy in general so maybe we should make sure.

Oh dear. Yeah, we should check out that writ. It might be real, but Mother Kwan really should've known better than to give the teahouse to Dutong without even checking the writ.

All this talk is just the rambling of an old woman. Put it out of your head and enjoy yourself. It may not be mine anymore, but this is still a fine teahouse.

If Master Dutong really has a legitimate claim to the place, I'm sure he won't mind us looking into this. Before we go talk to Dutong, let's see if the steeper has any information we can use.

I'm sorry about that. I still can't get the hang of this new position. Sometimes I wish Old Mother Kwan still owned the teahouse so things could go back to the way they were.

About that Okay, I have to hear this advice before we do anything else. Okay then. Here are the other pearls of wisdom Yanru has been told to memorize: - The wise man will always remember that falling leaves spiral downwards, but only until they rest on the earth.

We're not here for questionable proverbs, though, so let's get down to business. Oh for heaven's This is maybe a bit too much to assume when we haven't even talked to Dutong about the writ yet.

If the line was "It's possible the writ might have been a forgery" or something to that effect it wouldn't sound quite so silly.

Funny how things work out like that some times After one more encounter with your mysterious spiritual advisor, you'll move on to the Soon after you enter this map, you'll come across a little girl.

Before you can get a straight answer as to who she is, she'll transform into Chai Ka, a demon servant intended to test you. He's a bit upset, though, so instead of testing you, he's going to attempt to kill you.

Chai Ka has a number of powerful attacks, the most annoying of which are his power attack, which comes out quite quickly and will knock you down, and an area-of-effect attack which channels his power into the ground and will likewise knock you down.

As a demon, he's also immune to support and magic styles, so stick with your weapon and martial styles to deal damage.

His big weakness is a lack of maneuverability, so if you want to take him down, you'd be well advised to sit Dawn Star down in support mode to have her restore your magic while you continually flip over him and quickly strike from the rear, healing as needed or as possible.

He's plenty slow, so you can outrun him and wait for your magic to build back up if you want to use Demon Toad mode to wade into combat.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this arrangment. After Chai Ka has been defeated, he'll grant you a gem, and tell you that the Lotus Assassins stole the Dragon Amulet part that he was supposed to give you.

He and Wild Flower will join your quest as your third follower. With Chai Ka as a member of your party or one of the other characters, as you please , first head north into the small valley near the exit to the Ruins to find the River of Time technique, then head east to the pagoda to find another chest and a scrollstand.

Before you move on, you'll need to get past the sentry golems that guard passage to the dam controls. You can fight them, although they're monstrously tough; a better plan is to use the code word you overheard earlier Shao Hua and pass by unscathed.

At the bottom of the steps, you'll encounter the dam controls, and you'll be forced to make a choice: you can either close the dam, and please Minister Sheng, as well as earn a reward from Captain Ing and some Open Palm points, or destroy the controls, which will earn you a number of Closed Fist points and the cash reward from Merchant Jiang.

Whichever path you choose, you'll probably have to defeat a Lotus Apprentice and a bevy of guards when you return to the top of the dam.

If you have Chai Ka along in your party, then you'll need to watch his health; although he's powerful, he's quite slow and can be surrounded by foes.

If he's near death, switch him to support and he'll start to replenish your health. This will be a slow replenishment, obviously, but it should be enough to let you use Heavenly Wave and Spirit Thief to leech back some Chi power from one of your foes until you can heal Chai Ka back up and get him back to Attack mode.

Whichever action you took with the dam, it's time to return to Tien's Landing and report your findings. Head across the drawbridge and south towards town to meet up with Silk Fox again.

She'll tell you that only Lord Yun, the Imperial soldier tasked with cleaning up the Sickened Forest, has a wind map. This opens up the Silk Fox side quest.

When you return to town, now would be a good time to talk to Dawn Star and Zu while they stand around in the camp.

Just speak with them and explore their new conversation trees; you may find yourself sowing the seeds of future romance by listening to them talk.

You can also talk to Wild Flower, if you wish. If you opened the dam, then be sure to speak to both Minister Sheng and Captain Ing to receive your rewards; if you forced the dam open, then Merchant Jiang will have your just desserts waiting for you.

In addition to that overarching quest, you can also return the Cameo Portrait to Old Wei in the Merchant Area, track down Kindly Yushan in the Teahouse for the Drowned Orphans quest, and finish off any of the side quests you previously left undone.

When you're ready to move on, meet with Ru the Boatswain in the upper floor of the teahouse and persuade him to meet you down by the docks.

With that accomplished, talk to him at Beggar's Pier and get him to take you to the pirate's lair downstream. The Pirates apparently hold the key to flying technology, so you'll need to infiltrate their base to get back to the air.

Gao the Greater also apparently resides here, so you can also use this trip as retribution for what happened at Two Rivers. The washed-up pirate you run across after the opening cutscene here will offer you a choice: you can either pull the rope suspending the cannon above the bridge to kill all of the pirates on it, as well as the innocent sweeping boy Closed Fist ; or you can just run around and kill them all the old-fashioned way, which doesn't seem to have an alignment shift.

Be careful, though, as they pack long swords, and the woman wields a style that can Disorient you and prevent you from attacking with each hit.

You will get 1, XP for using the cannon, though, which seems to be a bit more than you get for fighting the guys.

This is going to be one of the biggest fights you've yet come up against, so get into it and stay frosty. With the bridge-soldiers out of the way, you can follow the path to the northeast, where you'll encounter a large group of six or seven pirates that will have to be fought en masse.

This is going to be a tough fight, no doubt about it, so you'll probably want to have either Chai Ka or Dawn Star along for their support abilities.

If you've got the Chi for it, then Demon Toad might be a good way to start the fight, as it'll let you slash at multiple foes and poison them all, but you don't want to stay in it too long, as you'll usually wind up being flanked or attacked from the rear by sword-wielders.

With Chai Ka or Dawn Star along, though, you can set them to restore your health or Chi powers, which should let you just run away from your foes until you're strong enough to re-enter the fray.

With that fight out of the way, you may want to return to the Spirit Font near Pirate Cheung and restore your health and Chi before returning to the path and heading around to meet Sky, who's working on freeing the slaves of the pirates.

He'll drag you into battle with him, so fight off another group of pirates to learn his story - it appears that he's here to fight Gao the Greater for some personal reason, and offers to help you open the door leading to the upper levels of the camp.

You can also get the Yifong and Fuyao side quest by speaking to the female slave that he freed. One flight of punches, coming right up.

As you pass further up the pirate camp, you'll eventually come to a large building, within which you'll eavesdrop on Inspector Lim and Gao the Greater speaking with Mistress Jia, the woman who instigated the assault on Two Rivers.

It would appear the Lim does indeed have the Dragon Amulet fragment you've been looking for, but is soon to depart the area. Of more short-term interest is the notice of a new long-range Flyer that Kang the Mad is soon to finish construction on.

If you could get your hands on that, you could get to the Imperial City in no time! When you enter the building and destroy the pirates within, you'll be able to converse with Kang - apparently he yearns to be free of the yoke of Gao, and offers to give you the flyer he's constructed, as well as help you in your cause, if you take Gao out.

Sounds like a plan. Further up the steps, you'll come to another group of pirates and a fork in the road. Head to the northwest to resolve the Yifong and Fuyao quest, or just head northeast to meet up with Gao.

You'll need to get past these guys to get to Gao. After entering the workshop and attempting to cross it, you're going to need to fight a couple of waves of enemies.

The first will consist of lesser and greater Rat Demons; watch out for the greater demons' fireball attacks. The second wave features numerous pirates and an ogre, so do your best to stay away from the Ogre's power attacks while dispatching the lesser foes in his midst.

As per usual, Dawn Star's support mode will be helpful in building up Chi for healing or for chi attacks.

When you can isolate the ogre, flip over its head and attack it from behind to finish it off. When the area is clear, check the vases and boxes here for items; one of the scrollstands has the Configuration of the Horse plot item.

When you've cleared the room, head up to the uppermost section of the pirate cove to meet up with a new friend.

Gao is going to come at you with a few flunkies in tow, but he's the most dangerous enemy in the room, obviously. If you have Dawn Star in tow, you may want to just set her into support mode and use Frog Demon's power attack to poison the flunkies and weaken them before you flip over to your weapon or martial style and pick them off.

If you can get Gao into a one-on-one fight, he should be easy to kill. When you can get Gao off by himself, you'll have to deal with his attacks, which will mostly consist of icebolts, fireballs, and the power attack of fire magic, which summons a large snake to Immolate you you should be familiar with this from when his son did it.

One of his favorite tricks is to block, then wait for you to start a power attack before pelting you with ice bolts. Beyond the obvious tip of staying maneuverable, you'll probably want to keep in close to Gao and use your weapon style with chi strikes to drain his health and prevent him from getting into an offensive rhthym.

If you can get him into a one-on-one or two-on-one matchup, he shouldn't be too difficult to take down. When Gao's been killed, Sky will join your party as a follower, Kang will get the Magnificent Dragonfly up and running, and you'll be able to check one of the chests in Gao's little villa for the Zither Case , part of the Zither of Discord sidequest.

You can also walk around the house to find a smashable Bonsai Tree that you may find another gem in. When you're ready to head back to Tien's Landing, return to the workshop and speak to Kang.

Give him the Inscrutable Power Source you obtained when you first met Chai Ka, and your very own personal airship will be ready to take off.

Back in Tien's Landing, speak to Dawn Star and Sky to learn more about them and to continue your romance plots, as applicable.

When you're ready to finally track down that Dragon Amulet piece, speak to Minister Sheng for your reward for wiping out the pirates, then head north into the Forest.

You can also deliver the Zither Case to Scholar Six Heavens, if you wish. Lord Yun runs down the problems for you. Soon after your arrival and a fight with some forest spirits, you'll run into Lord Yun, who offers you a deal: he'll make you a copy of his wind map if you somehow manage to placate or eliminate the Fox Spirit, who's seemingly responsible for the disease affecting the trees of the wood and the many ghosts that have been appearing in the area.

Make your way north until you come to a another group of Spirits that you have to fight. You may notice the appearance of a small shrine here; if you head towards it in free attack mode, it will create a small zone of influence in the middle of the area that seems to weaken the ghosts when they enter it.

Use it to polish them off more quickly. When they're done, you can either head to the east to finish off the Zither of Discord side quest, or head north to the bridge, where a civilian is being attacked by a pair of Lost Spirits.

Fend them off, then speak to the man to learn that he comes from someplace called Pilgrim's Rest Inn, which has been cut off from civilization by the appearance of the forest ghosts, including the mysterious Forest Shadow that Yun spoke to you about.

Said spirit will actually appear after you finish your conversation with the man, turn him into stone, and attempt to do the same to you.

You're not about to be finished off by some second-rate Gorgon, though. Spear Catches Leaf will give Black Whirlwind a stern talking-to for attacking you.

When you reach the fork in the roads, take the left path to reach the temple of the fox spirit, ignoring the many switches you see on the way there.

Soon after you arrive, you'll be attacked by a bear of a man named the Black Whirlwind. He wields a pair of axes and can swing for some pretty impressive damage, but your degree of maneuverability should let you stay away from his blades until you're ready to strike.

You can also use Heavenly Wave to slow him down while you wield your weapon style on his big old butt.

Take him down however you wish to learn more about he and Spear Catches Leaf, Yun's chief hunter who is examining the temple to see if he can't summon Forest Shadow to enquire about her behavior.

It appears that there's some kind of crystal that he'll need to complete his ritual, which was taken off to the Pilgrim's Rest Inn.

Important: Before you head out that way, shop at Spear Catches Leaf's little shop. In addition to the powerful Hunter's Spirit technique that he sells, you can also buy the Storm Dragon style, your first new style in quite a while.

It's a better technique to have than Heavenly Wave, in our opinion, as its ability allows you to shock opponents, which will freeze them temporarily instead of merely slowing them down.

We strongly recommend that you pick this up now. If you don't have enough cash, sell your excess gems, or come back when you do, as Storm Dragon is going to make the rest of the game much, much easier for you.

When you're ready to move on, head up to the northeast to find the exit to the Pilgrim's Rest Inn. You'll need to deal with multiple waves of spirits before you can move out.

If you wish, you can also return to the first fork between the paths leading to the Inn and the Temple to respawn multiple enemies here and there.

Each enemy should net you around XP, and you can spawn in as many as you like, so if you want to build up your skills a bit, feel free to do so.

When you reach the Inn, kill off the spirits wandering outside, then head in for a curious cutscene. It appears that something resembling a Rat Demon is escaping the inn just as you reach it There's nothing you can do with it for now, so head inside the Inn to speak with the Keeper, who acknowledges that they did indeed steal the crystal from the temple, and offer to give it to you if you agree to kill the Forest Shadow.

Note that, during your conversation with the Keeper, you have a few choices as to how it resolves. You can either accept their offer of silver for killing Forest Shadow, or you can lie to them to accept it.

If you say that you're going to kill them, or refuse to accept their blood money, then they'll reveal their true selves: it appears that they're actually cannibals, in the service of some great subterranean demon named Mother.

Depending on your choice, you will either open up the Fox Hunt or the Cannibals In The Inn side quest.

There are a lot of enemies here, so be sure to use area attacks and harmonic combos to thin the herd quickly.

The cannibals attack in large groups, but are individually weak. The best way to deal with them is to use Demon Toad's power attack to charge through them, poisoning large numbers of them at a go, interspersing that with attacks on individuals with your martial style.

Don't forget to use your area attacks to sweep them off their feet. Whether you kill the cannibals, or merely accept the crystal from them in exchange for dealing with Forest Shadow, you'll have to bring the crystal back to Spear Catches Leaf, who will return to Lord Yun, leaving Black Whirlwind behind as a new follower for you.

In order to reach Forest Shadow, you'll have to maneuver through a bit of a puzzle at the temple. Don't worry; it's not terribly complicated.

To start out, place the crystal in the central pedestal; you'll be pointed towards a switch down the steps.

Flip both it and the switch further to the south to point two beams of light towards the temple. In order to open the portal to the next area, you need to pull the blue and red switches at the two other furnaces, then hit the central pedestal again to combine the beams.

With that done, you'll be able to open a portal to Immediately after you enter Forest Shadow's Heaven, you'll be accosted by Zin Bu, a celestial bureaucrat who offers to join your little party.

When you click on him in the Followers menu, you'll be able to enter a store at any time you wish; he immediately sells the Leaping Tiger martial style, if you wish to purchase it.

Shortly around the bend, you'll encounter more Fox Spirits, who will soon come under siege by Toad Demons. The Fox Spirits are quite capable of dispatching the demons on their own, so let them; you'll still gain experience, and the Spirits will assume that you helped out and let you pass.

Further up the trail you'll come to your first Horse Demon. When you use martial styles on these fellows, you'll take damage with each blow you land, due to their flaming manes; use a weapon style to avoid this.

After two fights involving Horse Demons, you'll come to the pagoda of Forest Shadow herself. If you have any intent to kill the Forest Shadow a Closed Fist path, as you'll understand when you talk to her , be absolutely sure to return to the Spirit Font and Focus Shrine you passed by earlier and top off your health and energy.

This is going to be a difficult fight. Say what you will about the game, but at least Jade Empire has some wonderful character designs.

However you choose to treat Forest Shadow in your conversations, the choice to deal with her is pretty clear-cut: either you can force her into a confrontation and fight, which, knowing what you know, will result in a Closed Fist alignment shift; or you can accept her offer to track down and kill the Mother demon in the caves below the Pilgrim's Rest.

If you choose to help her out, you'll only be able to go kill Mother; if you choose to kill her, though, you'll be able to do both that and kill Mother.

If you choose to attack Forest Shadow, she'll attempt to lure you to the lowest of the islands in her Heaven.

Before you can start after her, though, you'll need to defeat her bodyguard Shining Tusk, as well as three of her elite Fox Spirit warriors.

This is going to be tough, obviously, so bring along Dawn Star and let her either help in combat or, preferably, sit around and recharge your Chi.

The first task should be to eliminate the three Fox Spirits. This will be annoying to do, due to Shining Tusk's area-of-effect powers, so be sure to use your weapon style with whatever focus you have, along with Chi Strike to up the damage.

When you run out of Chi, you can use Spirit Thief's power attack to drain the Foxes from long distance to enable you to heal yourself back up and use your Chi Strikes again.

When the Foxes are out of the way and this will take a while , go to work on Shining Tusk. Like most big opponents, the key to beating him is to jump over him and strike at his back while he pivots, but be mindful of his powerful attacks and feel free to stay away while your Chi recharges.

You'll need to work your way down the hill, fighting through multiple Fox Spirits, until the game auto-saves and you're thrown into battle with three of the Spirits simultaneously.

Forest Shadow will appear immediately after these guys go down, so be sure to pause on the third and final Spirit and use Spirit Thief style to completely restore your Chi and health before finishing it off.

If you've thought that Jade Empire was easy thus far, then get ready for a surprise, because Forest Shadow is tough. Every attack of hers will drain health, chi, and focus, and in substantial amounts, too; she also has an area-of-effect skill that will knock you down as well as draining all of your energy attributes equally.

You can expect to go through most of this fight without any focus or Chi, so it'd be extremely wise to bring Dawn Star along in support mode, and convert whatever Chi she sends your way into health as soon as it arrives.

Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. But once you have recieved the quest from Bin and Miao , the Player can either choose to persuade him to come and bury their bones for Open Palm points or kill him and take his head for Closed Fist points.

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Teahouse Entrance The Teahouse is located in Tien's Landing down a path that leads from the campsite. Hui the Brave: When the Player first time enter the Teahouse, Hui will approach tbe Player once more and attempt to continue the conversation you had outside.

Old Mother Kwan: The Player can speak to Old Mother Kwan to find out about the Imperial Writ and recieve a quest to investigate the matter.

Ru the Boatswain: Ru the drunkard will be in the Teahouse until the Player speak to Minister Sheng and recieve the quest about raiding the Pirate Base.

Chai Jin Jade Empire Soon after you enter this map, you'll come across a little girl. You may also talk to Smiling Mountain and set up a simple sparring Five Dimes Customer Service with an unnamed student, although this won't net you any experience. Guess he doesn't fancy a chat at the moment. Zhong accidentally killed an Ox he was friends with and now refuses to go home. Your character will be sparring with Jing Woo, a fellow student of yours in the martial arts academy run by Master Li. And I have nothing to say to you. We have boiled ox testicles Eastern Delights in a succulent cream sauce, curdled porcupine bladder in clabbered rat's milk, and raw alligator eggs served Free SolitГ¤r Kostenlos Spielen warmed goat's gall. Ru the drunkard will be in the Teahouse until the Player speak to Minister Sheng and recieve the quest about raiding the Pirate Base. If you speak to him, he'll tell you that he's in hoc to Gao the Greater for the princely sum of 20 silver. With that, Dong Ping and Zhong leave the teahouse. You have been Chai Jin Jade Empire to Zhong. The Player can speak Phase 10 Joker Austauschen Old Mother Kwan to find out FuГџball Vorhersagen Tipps the Imperial Writ and recieve a quest to investigate the matter. Jade Empire # 31 CHAI JIN'S SIZEABLE GIRTH! Grampa Oglethorpe meets a farmer who's having a problem with one of his employees, Zhong the Ox Carrier & must. Jade Empire by Doc M Fortunately, Chai Jin can take a joke, but it doesn't seem like most people can take his dishes. For example, this dish of roasted cow heart sautéed with bile of leopard has a particularly nasty effect on one's constitution. Other dishes like my monkey's brain stew can have a negative effect on the workings of the mind. Chai Jin: Before speaking to Chai Jin, it is probably a good idea to check the Player body, spirit and mind to determine which is the highest and lowest. Speak to him and agree to pay silver to participate in his challenge. He will offer the Player three dishes, each increasing in power as you go along. Jade Empire Wiki is a FANDOM.


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